What Coldbox template should I use?

Tutorials Nov 23, 2021

ColdBox is an amazing framework, and with it comes tons of great documentation. If there is one thing Ortus is known for its their documentation. There is so much documentation in fact that sometimes you can get a little lost if your new.

Ortus has tried as time continues to keep it easy to use, however so much has been added in the last few years it's hard to decide what to do when your just trying to get your project off the ground.

If you ask around, or use commandbox coldbox app-wizard the most common answer is to use one of the pre built templates:

ColdBox Templates

But which one is the right one?

Let's organize them first into their groups

REST Templates (API)

  • rest - A RESTFul service ColdBox MVC template
  • rest-hmvc - A modular RESTFul API Template

ColdBox Full Application Templates

  • advanced-script - An advanced template
    • elixir - advanced-script with ColdBox Elixir support
    • elixir-vuejs - advanced-script with ColdBox Elixir and Vue.js
  • supersimple - The most bare bones template
  • simple - A simplistic ColdBox MVC template

So lets get more specific about the first question,
Do you want to build an API or a Full Application.

If you want to create an API check out this post

Coldbox API Template Options
Ortus provides 2 main options for templates to use when building an API with ColdBox, lets see which one you should use.

If you want to create an Full Coldbox Application check out this post

Post will be available soon...


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