Scott Steinbeck is a Software Architect and Data Scientist who partners with default favicon of ghostGrowers & Ag Professionals to bring innovative solutions to difficult problems in Agriculture. After spending nearly a decade working in the Ag Tech industry creating solutions for multimillion-dollar farming operations, Scott knows what truly drives efficient farming practices, data-driven decision-making, and streamlined operations — and it’s not overly complicated software and spreadsheets. It's creating intuitive easy-to-use solutions, that simplify and speed up the collection of decision-critical information.

Scott Steinbeck has created software solutions for many aspects of agriculture including:

Agri Tracking Systems

Farm Management Software | Crop Management | Agri Tracking
Agri Tracking Systems designs technology systems to map, track, and analyze each aspect of farming in

Agri Mapping

Agri Mapping - Your Mapping Solution
Agri Mapping is a fully featured mapping solution designed with you in mind!

Virtual Call Slip

Moving Students Safely | Virtual Call Slip
Virtual Call Slip is a mobile app and desktop interface that allows school site staff to enter requests for students to move from place to place on campus. It improves campus safety, minimizes classroom interruptions and delivers accountability through real time data.

ATS Irrigation

Crop Cast.

These solutions provide strategies for managing: crop tracking, irrigation tracking, ag mapping, weather forecasting, location tracking, sample management, field scouting, cost forecasting, harvest tracking, and compliance reporting.

Scott Steinbeck holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors degree in Management Information Systems from California State University Bakersfield.